Among Us Airship Map Mod Apk For Android 2021

Download among us airship map mod apk for Android 2021 early access version for free . 

Its finally out the among us airship map for android, but only for a selected users in Nintendo switch. But its also available with Among Us Airship mod apk.

among us airship map mod apk for android


About Among Us Airship

Innersloth has used the platform that is the Game Awards to tease some new content for their hit game Among Us. Rose is attracting a lot of attention for the game thanks to the streamers for popularity with Among Us rose. Players from all over the world are now embracing the game and it has really seen a huge boom in players. This encourages developers to add new additions to the game, which will be released in 2018. Here we know our Toppat airship card for innovations.


At the Sports Awards, Innersloth unveiled the latest map of the game, which will be released in 2021. This card is called Toppat Airship. It is based on the location of the Henry Stickmin game, which is also created by Innersloth. The map provides players with a unique experience due to its unique size. This size makes it difficult for players to take care of each other. This makes it very easy for scammers to make crumbs when they are alone.


The card will have some unique features, some of which were featured at the game awards. Players can choose from three locations to get started after the meeting. This makes it easier to navigate the larger maps. The airship card will arrive in early 2021. An account and friends will also be added to the game soon. There will also be an opportunity to report toxic players.


Among Us Airship Map Gameplay and Theme

The game Among Us is an exciting, adventurous, and mysterious game that people of all fields and ages can enjoy equally. It has a very simple and easy gameplay that makes it easy to understand and that is why people enjoy it so much. Each game can have 4 to 10 players, some of whom are crew metals and others cheaters.


The host of the game decides how many cheaters there will be in the game. Once the game starts, all the players are in the spaceship to depart. The crew has various tasks at their disposal in the way. Experimenters need to move them before they can do their job. You have to carry out mysterious killings to get any member of the crew to flee.

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Among Us Airship Map Mod Apk For Android 2021 Mod Apk Premium Pro Hack


If the crew can carry out all the killings before it happens and without the crew knowing about it, they win. If the crewmember can identify the criminals or do their job before killing them, he is the winner. It’s a difficult and fun journey based on betrayal and teamwork, and once you start playing you will surely enjoy it.


Features Among Us Airship Map Mod Apk

Before you go, check out the guaranteed features of using the shuttle during your trip. Relax, there’s no stupidity around doing these extras. Just read along and then worry …


Conquer the game by successfully completing each task to build your space shuttle. Or you can sort all the theaters and get out of the game. A traitor can sabotage your plans at any time. Therefore, all players should react immediately and move forward as quickly as possible.


Keep an eye on all crew members with admin cards and cameras. Be sure to inspect and always be on the lookout for signs of parenting.


How the corpses look. Contact your other players right away. Discuss any evidence and try to find out which theaters are possible.


Meetings can also be held to discuss suspicious activity or behavior by other players.


Once the verdict has passed, you can vote to dismiss the suspects. Make sure you are making the right decision when deciding who to stay with and who to go to.


I look forward to more tasks. However, you have to download the game to find yourself.


The game Among Us can be played with your friends in a private room or online or locally. Creating a private space is easy. All you have to do is share the game code with your friends so they can team up. Similarly, you can play online and the game connects you with random players from America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.


There are three maps on which you can include Skilled (spaceship), Mira Headquarters (main building), and Pauls (planet base). You can choose any card you like. In addition, there are many skins, pets, and hats that you can choose for your character. You also have a choice of 12 colors from which you can customize your character.



The graphics Among Us Airship map are incredibly beautiful and designed for a beautiful game genre. After all, this is a party game for fun with friends and family. Each model’s character models are unique and different from their own personalities. You can easily refer to other games Among Us depending on the composition of the characters and the profile.

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Also, the animations are put together for easy presentation. The game can be run at 60 fps for final customization. Go to the map and do flying tasks that look great while you play.


Prepare yourselves, crewmates. This upcoming (free!) map will include: all new tasks your choice of what room to start in ladders?! and more?

Game Issues

Despite its popularity, the game has many bugs and problems that are very frustrating for users. Here are some common problems:

Server Problems – Due to the fact that millions of players play at the same time, our top server is under constant pressure and is the result of a lot of errors. One of the most common messages you see when a server error occurs is “Trusted Package 1”.

Multiple ads – Since the game is free, many ads are very annoying for many users.

Similar character – Many users have complained that they keep becoming a crew member and never have the option to become a crew member, which is very annoying at times.

Strict Task – Many users have complained that some of the crew’s tasks are very difficult and very annoying and annoying because it makes it easier for the violent to kill and win.

Apart from this, many other challenges, problems, and difficulties make things irritable and excessive. Players try their best to create their shadow by winning over their friends, but they can’t. If you are also having problems and want to win more games and beat your friends, we have a solution for you. Let’s see what it is.

Download Or Unlock Among Us Airship Map As Android Apk

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